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Default The Ranges of Ballybran - PbEM Club

My club, The Ranges of Ballybran is a full-post PbEM set in the world of Anne McCaffrey's Crystal Singers of Ballybran trilogy. So as not to infringe upon copyright, the club is set in an alternate timeline (so there'll be no Borella, Lanzecki, Moksoon etc. wandering around) about 75 years before the time of Crystal Singer. There's a whole range of characters you can play - from Guild applicants to auxillary staff on both Shankill and Ballybran, to the crystal singers themselves. Roleplay generally takes place on either Shankill or Ballybran, although off-world posts are allowed.

We're currently quite small, due to being recently opened within the past month, so our post traffic is quite low but I'm hoping some of you will be interested in joining and helping to increase that post flow a little . Also (as this is something that came up on the AMC fan forums), I do ask that prospective members supply their real names at joining - however, that information will only be available to the club BoD, at all other times your 'handle'/'alias' will be used.

We do have posting requirements, which are 1 post per persona per month. Currently certain persona positions are not available as we build club membership, but never fear because those positions will be opening up in the not too distant future. We currently have guild applicants gathering for the next class to be taken to Ballybran - full disclosure should happen within the next few Real Life months.

Please feel free to browse the site and if you have any queries about the club then please sent an e-mail through the 'Contact BoD' form (the link to it is found in the first line of the blurb on the 'Board of Directors' page - just run your mouse over the words 'contact BoD' and the link should come up). Alternatively, I'll check any replies to this post on the board. I'll try to reply to any queries within a couple of days.

I look forward to hearing from those of you who are interested.
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