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Default Snow

I don't believe in weathermen. Mostly they just report - "It might snow or rain or sunshine tomorrow", but this time they got it right.

It's November 8th. We hadn't had a hard frost, the leaves have just left the trees to sit upon the ground, but there is snow all over the ground this morning. Now I know you Coloradoans and other people in high elevations have already seen the snow and it's not unprecedented in CT either but I'd like to run away to .... Bermuda
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Default Re: Snow


Geez... It's unseasonably warm here. Currently about 8-9 degrees C because of an eastern wind from East Europe but it'll be about 11-12 (51-52 F) degrees again later this week. We've had regular rain though and would it have been colder, that would have been snow. Lucky us...

I think snow should start falling December 23-24 and stop falling December 25!
Nah, deep in my heart I want it to have Christmas with summer temps, like the ozzies have
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Default Re: Snow

It's more wet here than anything else. I think that if it wasn't for the cloud cover at the moment it would be a lot colder!
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Default Re: Snow

I had two christmasses in the northern hemisphere. No snow, but it was cold and fine.
And without my family. They were interesting, and different
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Default Re: Snow

Here in East Tennessee, we had a skiff of snow on Saturday morning, but it has warmed up a little now..suppose to be about 70 tomorrow..
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Default Re: Snow

Also in CT, and also had snow this morning. There were quite a few schools that had 90 min delays and even a couple towns that cancelled completely. They'll be sorry when next spring comes and they have to add a day on when the weather is lovely!
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Default Re: Snow

No snow here but we had an amazing hailstorm t'other night and it's been cold (for us) for the past several days.
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Default Re: Snow

It has finally stopped raining (briefly, no doubt) here, and a weak November sun is trying to shine. It's meant to rain much of today but tomorrow is to be lovely and bright. (Yeah, right.) Still, I love the cold crisp days of autumn. This is a shame, since I live in Scotland and we tend to get cold wet days! Until about March...
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Default Re: Snow

A good chunk of New York also got snow yesterday. It's gone this morning, and temps are supposed to hit the fifties later this week. The storm system that caused it has moved back out to sea. Meriah liked it...we had a bit of a snowball fight last night.
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Default Re: Snow

We had snow somewhere around two weeks before, but only atop of the mountains. Last week was very warm, but now it started raining again. Only the mornings and nights were very VERY cold, there was always a thick layer of frost when we get up early in the morning. I also didn't believe the weatherman when they said it would snow, but when my dad went on a trip over a mountain he reported they were right, and we saw snow while going on the countryside in the mountains.
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Default Re: Snow

We had our first snow in the 6th! Didn't last, though, and it wasn't very deep. As soon as the sun came out, most of the snow melted away in a couple of hours. Now this week the temps have swung back up from the 30-50 range that allowed rain to turn to snow to the mid 60s. Which is unseasonably warm, but nice while it lasts.
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Smile Re: Snow

We had a few cold 32 F cold nights and warmish days, its just cool to have the mist from the paper mills down stream flow around the second highest area around Wausau, Wisconsin, wish I could taken an image. For it looked kinda neat.

I've feel the change in the weather more in my joints then anything. for its slowing me down.
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Default Re: Snow

We got some snow on Halloween in Maine. It melted pretty quickly, but the end of October is still way too early for snow.
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