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Default Good read

I really loved Freedom series ,,haven't read the 4th one yet
It was a good Plot too ,and the Alien was great ,, love to see Freedom
made into a Movie ,,have you noticed that nearly all SF films made with
the same plots,,one is coming out in December The Avatar,,but has a lot
of Hip along with it ...We'll see when it comes out.
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Default Re: Good read

Glad you enjoyed the Freedom books. The 4th one is worth reading too.
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Default Re: Good read

I've never read them... But its good to hear as I've got some studying to do for McCaffrey quest!!
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Default Re: Good read

I like the Freedom series as much as I like Pern. (Shock Horror!) I've also never read the last one in the series, but I do have it on my 'waiting to be read' shelf. -Chuckles-
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