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Book Collector's Meeting Room Whether you're an experienced collector or just starting out, this is the place to discuss Anne's books in all their various bindings, languages, and cover art.

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Default A super find? The Renegades come home.

Many years I have been looking to complete my German language Pern subcollection but the impossibly expensive Dolphins of Pern and Renegades of Pern paperbacks kept eluding me. Well, not actually eludung, there were plenty of them on eBay over the years but, like some of the French titles, they were impossibly expensive for a regular, normal mass market paperback. They are not especially rare, as far as I can determine not even especially sought after but these stupid little paperbacks were usually priced well over $100 !! and you usually don't see them for a price lower than half that.

Anyway, collecting Anne McCaffrey and Pern is a never ending story and I always, always, always, keep an eye open and undertake regular searches.
So you will understand my amazement when I found "Die Renegaten von Pern" on the Dutch second hand online market "Marktplaats" (meaning Market Place, a stroke of genius, that name...) a full daughter of eBay but only active on the Dutch market.

I didn't want to be stingy and I didn't know if the seller knew what she had in hands... So I bid 5 euro or $7,50 and my bid was immediately accepted! Whoopee
I do have to remove traces of a price sticker from the front but I'll take that for granted. To Americans even this purchase will sound ridiculous overpriced (for a mmp) but even now the lowest priced copy on eBay is 35 euro ex postage = $44,50 ex postage!

So, now the only one left is "Die Delphine von Pern" and the paperback collection will be complete.

Hans, also known as Elrhan, Master Archivist

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Default Re: A super find? The Renegades come home.

Great find Hans! Always wonderful to check off another item on the "list". It's a shame that these pb are so expensive. Again, congrats.
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Default Re: A super find? The Renegades come home.

greats find.


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Default Re: A super find? The Renegades come home.

What an amazing find...and right there in your own backyard
[so to speak] and for such an incredible price. Just goes to prove
that diligence and patience does pay off...especially when collecting.
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Default Re: A super find? The Renegades come home.

Great find Hans
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Default Re: A super find? The Renegades come home.

You can never have too much Coffee

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Default Re: A super find? The Renegades come home.

Well done as usual, congrats!
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