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Default Verse of Pern

I received an email as follows:
i would like to find the complete poems. all i can find are the snippets at the beginning of each chapter. the fire lizard song seems so beautiful but i can't seem to catch the fullness. Moreta's ride Brekke's song, all so good yet i cannot find them.
Please help me to find these, if there is a book of these poems. I would like to have it.
Thank you
I know that Anne never published a compendium of verse, but some books have a more complete listing than others (Dragonsong and Dragonsinger?). Also the two music cds by Tonia Opland and Mike Freeman probably are good sources, but mine is too far buried to verify that lyrics were included. So, I'm turning this over to the hive mind to help answer!
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Default Re: Verse of Pern

Tania & Mike certainly used the complete poems (although they added to one or two with Anne's permission/help)

Sunset's Gold C.D. contains 'Song for Petiron'; 'Sweet Sea'; 'Gather Day' (with some extra words by Mike); 'The Little Queen' (Firelizard Song); 'Sunset's Gold'; 'Brekke's Cry' (with some extra words by Tania); 'Menolly's Running Song' (with some extra words by Tania); and 'Four Hundred Turns' (one that Anne didn't put in the books).

The Masterharper of Pern C.D. contains 'Duty Song'; 'The Golden Egg of Faranth'; 'Fighting Thread'; 'The Question Song'; 'Red Star Passes'; 'Lessa's Ride' (with some extra words by Mike); 'March of the Wings'.

In neither case do the sleeve notes give the lyrics.

It would be quite fun, though time consuming, to go through the CDs and hammer out an anthology; but I couldn't start it till Easter Vacs.

An email to Tania and Mike might produce something (I know they did a music book of one of them, I forget which) and they must have the complete lyrics.
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Default Re: Verse of Pern

I seem to remember the full lyrics of the Question Song being in the books, but they aren't really accessable right now.
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Default Re: Verse of Pern

From the website of the musicians:

Lyrics from the CD Masterharper of Pern:

Lyrics from the CD Sunset's Gold:
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Default Re: Verse of Pern

I bought the Masterharper of Pern CD years ago, and the songbook with the music and words to all the songs. The music fits the words beautifully, and I've played "Nonsuch" with my choir as a duet with another recorder-player.

I didn't know there was another CD (Sunset's Gold). Might as well add it to my next book-order from Amazon!

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