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Default In what order should I introduce the books to a pern newbie?

back when I was 12 I was obnoxious enough to deviate from all recommended reading orders and just try and read them in chronological order.

However, fast forward ten years later and I am considering reading the books to my boyfriend, who loves a good story but is too dyslectic for me to expect him to pick up this massive series on his own.

However, this leaves me wondering how to best approach this. I've been mulling it over in my mind now and i do feel like Dragonflight is the right starting point, as otherwise the whole 'does the thread come back yes or no?' ordeal loses most of its tension.

however as there are some stories coinciding in the 9th pass (harper hall trilogy, masterharper of pern), and this makes it confusing to look into the order.

I have just finished All the Weyrs of Pern myself, and I do think that book is a lot better if you are already familiar with Dragonsdown and Dragonseye.

However this leaves me with the debate of what to read of the ninth pass before jumping back in time to some of the earlier works.

So my question to the forum is; in what order did you read Pern when you initially picked up the series, and what order would you recommend to other people?
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Default Re: In what order should I introduce the books to a pern newbie?

I read the Harper Hall trilogy before I read Dragonflight. For an adult, I would probably recommend Dragonflight first, though, unless he has a taste for other "young adult" fiction. More dragons and danger and F'lar's perspective...

I wouldn't recommend Masterharper of Pern for anyone's introduction to the series. I feel like it's really a side story for Robinton-lovers (of which I count myself!) that doesn't have quite the dramatic tension of some of the other books.

If your boyfriend is very much a "begin at the beginning" type of person, though, I think Dragonsdawn could be a fair introduction to the series. But it's kind of like reading a history book about Mexico (I'm picking a random example--any country you don't live in would work) without ever visiting the present-day country. It's still interesting, but it might not "click" in your brain in the same way as reading the book after spending some time in the present culture.
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