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Default Stitch in Snow Valentine's 2011 Quiz

Multiple choice: pick one answer

1. What time did Mairead and Dana go to the pub?

2. How many cities was Dana visiting in six weeks?
A) 20
B) 24
C) 28
D) 32

3. What movie seemed to be playing on the tv of the hotel in every city?
A) Gunga Din
B) Sound of Music
C) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
D) Gone With the Wind

4. Why does Dana hate to be seen with a sleep creased face?
A) Always wants to look perfect
B) It makes her look elderly
C) She thinks she's ugly
D) It makes her look babyish

5. What were Dan and Dana doing when Dan supposedly killed his ex-wife?
A) Swimming
B) Hiking in the snow
C) Playing cards
D) Making love

6. Where did Trish go to school?
A) Lehigh
B) Bryn Mawr
C) Cedar Crest
D) Radcliff

7. Who really killed Noreen Sue?
A) Peter
B) Hardy Har Har
C) Her evil neighbor
D) Burglars

8. Dana got her PhD from where?
A) Columbia
B) Harvard
C) Brown
D) Princeton

9. How did Dana's husband Raymond die?
A) Lung Cancer
B) Heart Attack
C) Stroke
D) Bad cooking

10. What color is the tip of Baggins' tail?
A) Black
B) White
C) Brown
D) Orange

11. What other name is Dan known as?
A) Junior
B) Jeff
C) Jerry
D) Jumanji

12. What did Dan keep insisting Dana eat?
A) Steak
B) Chicken
C) Salad
D) Dessert

13. Peter Taggert's wife's name was:
A) Pamela
B) Paula
C) Petra
D) Pieta

14. What was the sweater Dana gave Dan made of?
A) Cotton
B) Oiled wool
C) Angora
D) Golden Retriever hair

15. What color was the ski jacket Dana bought?
A) Black
B) White
C) Blue
D) Green

Match a character from list A with their partner from list B

16. Damia
17. Brekke
18. Kris
19. Sara
20. Caissa
21. Tia
22. Acorna
23. Sinead
24. Selina
25. Tirla
26. Varian
27. Hallah


Send answers to quest @ srellim.org with a subject of "SIS 2011", no later than Noon GMT Monday Feb 21. Good luck!
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