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Default Re: What is happening

Originally Posted by Allen View Post
Until he figures out how to uninstall the schooling software like the kids in China were caught doing.

He's using his own computer rather than the Chromebook issued by the school, so he has access to more stuff on it than just schoolwork. But he's been pretty good doing it so far, with minimum supervision. Of course, it helps that both my husband and I are working from home for now. Officially until May 13, but it may be until the end of May when the school year ends.
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Default Re: What is happening

Decided it was time to stop putting it off and start getting some of the jobs on the Jag done. I'm waiting on bits for the injection system so can't move forward there but I do have a full set of coolant hoses so can start on those. I don't have enough antifreeze in stock to refill the system if drained fully, so just stop on the top layers for now, done in such a way as to minimise coolant loss.

The bottom hose is going to be a barrel of laughs as the only real access is from underneath, but even then there's still an anti-roll bar and two oil cooler lines in the way - will need to get the car on the ramps before I can get at it though...and I'll need to find some chunky bits of wood to extend the ramps before I can do that as the splitter is several inches too low to drive onto them.

Got a full set of hoses in as it seemed a far easier solution than trying to figure out which ones I needed to buy.

It's easy to see how much the top hose has swollen with the new hose next to it (it looked ten times worse once there was some pressure in the system too).

I'm still baffled as to why the garage that fitted the radiator didn't flag up the state of the hoses and the belts when they fitted it. The belts especially would have taken them minutes to change and only cost pocket change.

Getting this hose off was made slightly more awkward on account of the hose clip having been fitted the wrong way around. There's a hole in the slam panel which would have given easy access if the screw was on the opposite side of the hose. It wasn't though...so it was really fiddly and had to be undone 0.1 turns at a time.

Once I got that undone changing this took about two minutes. Looks rather better than the hose which came off.

The other top hose didn't look so bad but it seemed daft not to do it when the radiator would need bleeding anyway.

New hose does look better.

The bleed line between the top of the radiator and the filler neck was the other one which had swollen alarmingly.

That was swapped with barely a drop of coolant spilled.

The other hose done today was the bypass hose that runs between the nearside thermostat housing to the radiator. That's four down, nine to go.

The two I'd spotted bulging were by far the softest so it seems they have broken down more than the others. The whole lot will get done, but I'll need to get (a lot) more antifreeze in before I can tackle the lower ones. This is as far as time allowed this afternoon, so got things bled through and we'll come back to this project in due course.

I did put a bowl under there before pulling any hoses but predictably with the amount of things for water to bounce off in the engine bay it managed to capture about 10% of what came out. I did hose down the area thoroughly afterwards to hopefully dilute any remaining coolant beyond being harmful to critters.

Definitely need to get the injection lines done soon... here's a close up look at the state they're in.

Lots of fine surface perishing. They definitely need changing ASAP.

Finally got around to digging out the combination imperial and metric socket set a friend gave me a while ago. This will definitely prove useful in the future working on this car.

Having had a closer look today I reckon it should be possible to get into the distributor without removing too much so might have a crack at that soon.

This evening I got interrupted by the apparent death of my web server's hosting machine. As far as I can tell it seems to have corrupted the BIOS or suffered a similarly catastrophic failure. I wanted to test something but figured as it hadn't been restarted in nearly six months it made sense to reboot it. It shut down normally...then just sat there with the CPU fan running flat out, no life from it whatsoever other than that. Nothing I've been able to do has any effect on this behaviour.

It's a Celeron based laptop which is the absolute definition of cheap and nasty (why I relegated it to sitting quietly in the corner as I reckoned it would fall apart in minutes if moved around...plus it ran stone cold and silently so worked well as a 24/7 running machine). Quite how cheap and nasty was apparent as soon as I got the cover off (planning to do a CMOS reset).

Doesn't even have the spot on the motherboard for the battery populated...and the CPU cooler doesn't even have a heat pipe... it's literally just a tinfoil thin stamped bit of aluminium. There isn't a bit of structural metalwork anywhere on it save for the tiny bit at the hinges. Whatever is going on I don't think the CPU is running as it doesn't seem to be generating any heat whatsoever.

Nothing I've been able to do has had any effect, so I've finally got around to sticking Apache on an *actual* server grade machine (HP DC7800, which I have a pair of) which already serves as our NAS which I've been going to do for the last 18 months.

Monitor and speakers are there as it also serves as the "TV" in my bedroom.

Only got an old Core 2 Duo E6750 at its heart so hardly a powerful machine but it's more than up to this sort of job.

It's gained an extra hard drive, my old Nvidia GT 710 graphics card and had a major cable tidy since this photo was taken.

This has finally resolved the file permissions issue I'd been arguing with for ages too which made updating the site a faff too. Still don't know why that used to play up...but it's now a moot point. Might actually kick me into finishing one of about fifteen half finished new pages waiting to be finish.
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Default Re: What is happening

The delivery of dog food today never materialised...so my heading out to get more suddenly became non-optional. It was meant to arrive on Friday, and I had enough to last until yesterday evening.

Figured given I haven't even started it since early-ish February, was about time I gave this a run.

Always a bit nervous about whether vehicles will start after being left for more than a few weeks, so was interested to see how she'd start.

Did I need to worry?


Of course not. Brief chirp of protest from the fan belt (think I need to turn the idle speed up a little) was the only sign that it hadn't been out yesterday.

Ignore the brake warning light by the way, there's a slight leak to ground through the pad wear sensor circuit which is putting the light on. I'm just going to disable it entirely before the MOT as the issue as best I can tell is simply that modern brake pads are more conductive than the old asbestos based ones. With the relatively tiny mileage this one does I really don't need a pad wear sensor to be honest.

The exhaust has been rattling noticeably the last few trips out, especially when the engine started or stopped, giving an almighty clatter. This was quickly traced to the downpipe to mid section clamp not being done up quite tightly enough. 1/2 a turn on the pinch bolt and we just had honest diesel clatter without a metallic accompaniment. I didn't realise quite how much it sounded like there was a tumble drier full of gravel under the van until I sorted it.

While it's quiet around town but there is still traffic around, the A5 itself though was utterly deserted. Only saw one other car on there...an old gent dawdling along at about 40 in a 51 plate Fiesta. I think he got the fright of his life when I went howling past in full juggernaut mode.

Later in the afternoon I escaped outside to get a couple of things done on the Jag. I still haven't quite got used to walking outside to see this thing...and while it may be an utter pain to work on, has cost me over a grand in fuel alone since I picked it up, it's impossible not to like it. I mean...just look at it...

I really need to do something about the exhaust tips though. Their being at the wrong (and mismatched) angle is really bugging me.

First task was to top up the coolant, I expected it to have dropped a bit once it had cooled after the work I did yesterday. Sure enough it took a little to bring it back to the level specified in the handbook.

Task number two was to pull some of the carpeting out in the boot to see if I could pin down why it always absolutely reeks of petrol. It doesn't make any odds whether it's warm or cold, tank full or empty or whether the engine has been run recently. It always smells...and if you open a window the smell then gets drawn into the car.

Now while it's always been bone dry in my ownership I knew there had been water getting into the boot in the past at some point because I'd seen a bit of mould on the spare wheel cover. Once I took it out it became apparent that there was quite a *lot* of mould on the spare wheel cover.

I had a feeling I was going to find worse once I started digging, so I sensibly donned the mask I picked up when painting the Invacar and gloves before delving further than this.

Sure enough, what was hiding behind the carpets was truly gross.

Fuel filter has a 2003 date code...though obviously it could have been changed far more recently having been sitting on a shelf for fifteen years. Nevertheless it will be changed shortly anyway (honestly can't remember if I've already picked one up or not, I'll need to go digging in the ever increasing box of bits of Jag currently occupying the driver's seat in the Invacar) as I'd rather look after the fuel system.

Again, the willingness of Jaguar to use normal hose clips (or mere friction fit without any fasteners whatsoever) on the pressure side of the fuel injection system on this car never ceases to surprise me.

Yep...I think we've located the original source of the bubonic plague...that would be the mould in the general vicinity of the surge tank and fuel pump in my XJ-S!

There's definitely evidence of historic fuel leakage here but nothing that looks recent. The closest I can see is this sticky, tarry deposit on the fuel pump itself. It doesn't smell even vaguely like petrol though.

The breather system does look predictably over-complicated. In total we have seven connections to the tank, eight if you include the filler itself.

(The drain tube from the tailgate surround crammed into the same space just to add to the clutter...which is of course right next to the engine ECU just to ensure that any leak there is as catastrophic as possible.)

I'm guessing this is the return line? The pickup itself is from the centre it looks like.

Of course thanks to Jaguar being themselves we also have vacuum lines all the way back here. I believe these are what operates the vapour purge system.

Everything is bone dry and all connections seem to be secure so I'm no closer to figuring it out. I can't get to the vapour purge assembly as it's buried behind the fuel tank. The tank currently has about 80 litres of fuel in so it's going nowhere for the time being. I'll have a nosey at it next time I have a tank that's more near to empty. Ideally all of these lines will want to be changed soon as they're undoubtedly not ethanol safe.

The next thing on my to do list after an initial visual inspection was to attack everything with disinfectant wipes to hopefully remove the need for biohazard tape to be wrapped around the car every time I open the boot. I got about half way through it when I ran out of time...will be picking up where I left off tomorrow.
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