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Default Re: What is happening

Looking good. I agree with the screw caps; the white ones do tend to jump right out at you, don't they.

All these photos remind me every time how I've fallen behind with my remodeling and the photographing thereof.

But in other news, I was out and about a bit yesterday after my wife and I had finished with some medical appointments and I think I may have a ring to build around a 27.55 carat ruby I've had for a while. At 18mm x 13mm x 9mm, emerald cut, it's quite an impressive stone, and on the large side for a ring. Quite gaudy, to say the least, but beautiful if you like big rocks on your fingers. My wife has an oval cut 17.7 carat sapphire in a ring I made for her, and wears it quite often. Like, she wears it more often than not. Yesterday she had it on and showed it to a woman who liked it. I told her I have another sapphire almost identical, only 15.5 carat, then the ruby. Turns out that she's even more nuts about rubies than me, and is really interested in that big stone in a ring similar to my wife's.

I get almost all my stones direct from India, where about 90% of the world sends raw stones to be cut and polished. Makes for tremendous savings. But there are a few problems, as well. Main one is time. Takes a while to ship one to me. But not as long as dealing with shipping anything from China. Another is authenticity. For instance, these stones ( the sapphires and two rubies) are supposed to be natural, earth-mined stones. I had a jeweler friend test them, and they tested harder than earth-mined stones usually do. He said that indicates that they might be lab-created. This of course lowers the value. How much? you ask..... well, okay, you didn't ask, but anyway.... Earth mined sapphires and rubies of this quality ( they're the same mineral) would cost in the neighborhood of about $1200 a carat. Lab created, about $750 a carat. That means that the 27.7 carat ruby might only be worth $20,775 if a lab stone instead of $33,240. Oh well. Anyone interested in a custom made, 14K gold filled wire-wrapped ring with a 15.5 carat sapphire for $100 plus shipping? Because if you consider what the stone is worth at the cheapest versus what I paid for it, I didn't steal the stone, I stole it! Photos of my wife's ring are on my Facebook page, Made in the shade Jewelry & Things along with examples of the other "Things" I make.
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