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Default Instant Family!

Imagine you are a rough and ready miner with no children of your own. You find a lost alien child floating through space and suddenly find yourself thrust into fatherhood....
The three men did remarkably well bringing Acorna up on their own considering their complete lack of experience, not that experience would have helped a lot considering how unusual she was when compared to a typical human child.
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Default Re: Instant Family!

They all had to have had soft hearts under their gruff exteriors to begin with, else they wouldn't have been interested in taking care of Acorna!
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Default Re: Instant Family!

Can't add to what Cheryl said! Sides, there wouldn't have been much of a story if they weren't interested in Acorna.

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Default Re: Instant Family!

It was enough that they were interested in her as a developing individual. Someone with more experience of rearing human children would probably have made too many comparisons to accept Acorna on her own terms.
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Default Re: Instant Family!

That's a very good point, Granath. Acorna developed very differently, and on a very different timescale to a human child. Her 'uncles' were far better off making it up as they went along, rather than trying to go by 'the book'. (Come to think of it, that's how most human parents cope anyway .)
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Default Re: Instant Family!

I didn't think of that slant on things.
No parenting ever works exactly like 'the book' but we all try to slot our children in anyway (for some reason we can't help ourselves). So maybe this was the perfect upbringing for Acorna, her own terms, the natural compassion they all felt in general assisted her in her own desires to help people (genetic?).
Obviously they were the perfect guardians for her, had to be or the book wouldn't have worked
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Default Re: Instant Family!

Yeah well, didn't she do a lot her self, and honestly, it's not such a hopeless cause
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