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Astronomy For the sharing of astronomical observations by our members with an interest, and pretty pictures for all to enjoy.

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Default Re: Comet Holmes

Tonight's the night the comet is passing in front of the bright star Mirfak, and it's all rainy and cloudy outside. Did anyone else see the passage?

Oh, and thanks Hans, Kath, Sandi and Lady Maelin.

Yes, the cloud known as Comet Holmes is the biggest thing in the Solar System. It's just as dangerous as the city-sized things that tower over our heads and float in the sky... and block our view of a very nice comet.
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Default Re: Comet Holmes

cloudy here too!
At least it isn't snowing.
I ended up missing 2 lectures today as I was snowed in at my boyfriend's! It started to stick not long before we planned to leave on Sunday! We were finally able to leave 24 hours later!
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Default Re: Comet Holmes

I found the comet a few nights ago, about 9:30 or so; nearly directly overhead, very faint but distinctly fuzzy. I have binoculars, no telescope. Today was clear so I had hopes of seeing it again, but the moon is high in the sky... wish I knew what time it'll set! Probably the same time the fog rolls in..
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