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Default My Climbing Trip To Wales!

I went on a 4 day trip to Pembrokeshire in Wales, for a climbing trip on the sea cliffs out there, with my university Mountainerring Club.

The journey up there was nice and sunny! When we walked to the pub, the cows in the field stampeded (maybe because I said 'burger' a bit too loud ) which was funny!

The next day, we went to do a bit of climbing, but then it decided to rain... and we all got SOAKED!

The Saturday, it rained ALL NIGHT! So we went for a hike instead (12k) and gave me blisters because my boots decided to be evil! The most annoying bit about that day was that the pub at the end of the walk was closed! So we played catch by the sea But the ball kept going in the water, so, with a bit of old rope, we played another game... where someone swings the rope around, and everyone else jumps over it!

Finally, on Sunday, we managed to gewt some real climbing in! At LAST! The worst bit about THAT though, was scrambling (climbing without a rope, generally in a sideways direction) *pic* from the top of the cliff to the bottom. One bad slip, and down, down, down, into the water (and on the rocks below! ) That was fun!

Unfortunately, the only day we really got to climb, we only had half a day to climb with!

Damn Wales!

piccies link
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Default Re: My Climbing Trip To Wales!

don't worry C_ris! pity you were in the wrong bit for me or you could have had a tour of the pubs near my house- I was at home not Aber!
I know ALL about welsh weather after the last fortnight. My experiment needed sun between 1pm and 1.15. It was georgeously sunny for a fortnight except for that eetle bit of time between 1 and 1.15, when it was invariably cloudy!
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