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Default Inverse Book Signing

As I'm sure some of you remember on the OKT JustBob had started up an Inverse Book Signing. The purpose of this book was to send it around to fans to sign. In the end it was to be presented to Anne as a gift from her fans. The book made it through Europe and about 1/3 of the US when it became, well, let's just say lost :irked: . We have decided to try again. this time using three different books. One is circulating through Europe, one through North America and one covers everywhere else. As I know there are at least a few people who aren't on the other website I thought I'd let you all know what's going on here. If you are interested in signing the book AND live in the US please PM me your RL info (name, addy and email) and I'll put you on the list. Your info will be kept confidential. the only people who will see it is me and the person who actually mails you the book. If you live outside the US you will need to go over to the other site and PM the person who is organizing in those areas (or if you really don't want to do that, I guess you can send it to me and I could forward it to the appropiate person.)

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Default Re: Inverse Book Signing

Well I started the "everywhere else" book going and it is at present in Australia. There arent going to be a lot of signature on this one!
PMs to me from folks outside US or Europe will get you on the list
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