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Gold 42 29.58%
Bronze 19 13.38%
Brown 14 9.86%
Blue 24 16.90%
Green 24 16.90%
...White? 19 13.38%
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Default Re: If You Were to Impress...

I tend to ignore the quizzes that demand your gender and play that into your results, I go purely by the ones who judge you based on your personality (down with the people who say girls can NEVER Impress *insert color* ). Frankly, I'd make a horrible queen *or* green rider, and to those people those would be my only options, dragon-wise. I'm a headstrong, stubborn, very much lesbian woman....I'm not flirty and sensual (as green riders tend to be), and while I don't mind kids, I'm not very maternal so I can't see myself riding a queen. Most of the quizzes I've taken (the ones that don't ask your gender), always put me on bronze or blue. Ideally I'd prefer a bronze, but people would say that smacks of mary-suism, so realistically I'd say I'd probably Impress a blue. Too bad the only canon instance (though at least it IS canon) of a girl Impressing a blue dragon is in Todd's books, and not Anne's *sniffs*
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Default Re: If You Were to Impress...

A junior gold if I Impressed at all. I'm not particularly keen on having the ultimate responsibility, but more than that, I absolutely cannot tolerate micro-management. I can be trusted to complete my work without constant supervision, thank you very much...
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Old May 5 2014, 12:43 PM   #203
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Default Re: If You Were to Impress...

White. I wouldn't have to worry about incessant matings like I would with a green and if necessary I could live outside the Weyr. It's a moot point for me, since I share Jora's problem. I'm so afraid of heights it's almost crippling.

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Old Dec 29 2014, 03:45 PM   #204
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Default Re: If You Were to Impress...

Well, Bronze, of course!

I think I'd make an excellent Thread-Fighter, although I'm scared to death of heights, but I do like flying. And, I am a cocky bastard when it comes to driving, I'm sure I'd be just as cocky as a pilot, or a dragonrider!
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Default Re: If You Were to Impress...

I think I would just be happy to allow the Dragonette decide. While I have been a leader in the Military, I've also been a follower. A good weir needs more followers than leaders and just having the bond would be enough for me.

If my wife were to impress, I would hope for a Bronze though.
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Default Re: If You Were to Impress...

I have a feeling I would impress green since I am primarily a gay bottom but being a masculine gay man I would end up with a blue.
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