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Default Odd dream this morning, with a special guest appearance by Anne McCaffrey!

So I woke up slowly this morning from a dream I was enjoying despite it's strangeness (and having had my life in peril at least twice ), and worked hard to remember the details before they slipped away. I figure y'all will appreciate the guest appearance of Anne in my dream, so I'm going to share it.

Okay, so the dreams open with me at some sort of wildlife place/building, and I realize one of the young elephants has gotten loose. I let a couple of other people know and we go in search of it, first through the building which is pretty maze-like, then the trail takes us outside through the city, to a harbor. We follow it across a bridge/dock, which is normal at first but then splits into several branches which are these very narrow (say 12 inches) float-y foot bridges, so we split up and I take the right-most branch. It's too narrow and unstable to walk across, so I sit and scoot, getting my legs wet in the process. But it eventually takes me to a spot of land and I see the elephant in a little hollow ahead. I get my camera out and take some pictures, which kinda scares the elephant off -- two elephants actually as it turns out he met up with a wild friend. But the elephant is going back towards some of the others so I presume they'll catch him and it'll be okay. Meanwhile I see that one of the orangatans from the wildlife place is sitting right there by a wall, looking lost. I ask him if he wants to be carried and he climbs right up into my arms. I walk a ways with the orangatan, and start back across the narrow foot bridges.

Then presto-chango, the orangatan is gone and I lose my balance and fall of the footbridge, only now it's not a footbridge but was a regular road-width bridge made of brick, which was at least 200-300 feet above a river. As I'm falling I'm thinking "oh crap I'm gonna die" and just falling backwards looking back up at the bridge, which I'm essentially falling straight down next to (it's apparantly brick all the way down, more like a wall than a bridge really). Then I see some people looking over the edge watching me, and I realize I should try to kick away from the wall/bridge and I start really flailing and calling for help so that they realize I fell accidentally and will go get help for me, rather than having jumped on purpose (cause I instinctively know this is a popular suicide spot). I finally hit the water, and rather than hurting like hell it's a gentle splash-down and I'm swept down-river. Meanwhile I'm seeing some other people falling/jumping from the bridge and I'm thinking that'll improve the odds that they'll send a rescue team to fish people out of the river. I try to swim to the edge, but it's darned cold and hard to swim so I'm swept a long ways down.

Then another presto-chango and apparantly I've gotten out of the river and am seeking medical attention at a doctor's office. While I'm waiting, who should I see approaching the building for an appointment of her own, but Anne McCaffrey! Suddenly I'm sorting through some of her books and other collector items I have with me, trying to decide if I should meet her at the door holding one to show what a fan I am. I decide against doing that and just go and greet her and tell her who I am. Her travel companion looks at me suspiciously, seemingly trying to decide how nutso I am and if she needs to fend me off. Anne seems a little befuddled at first, not expecting to be assualted by a fan at her dr. appt, but she realizes who I am and greets me warmly, and says she's getting a final checkup before going on this cruise as a guest of honor, and we chat pleasantly for a bit.

I seemed to have known about the cruise, because I had been expecting to see her on it, and had just been surprised to run into her in advance of it with no crowds around. She goes on her way to the doctor, while I go the departing station for the cruise. I wander around a bit and it changes from being a cruise boat to a train tour and I'm out on the tracks area looking for the right train to climb on. I haven't found it, and all the trains start leaving and I have to be careful not to get run over as I'm in the middle of a set of tracks. At this point I know I'm in the US, somewhere in the middle of the country - but up near the Canadian border as it's darned cold and snowy.

I start walking in the opposite direction as the trains went and presto-chango I'm in the middle of nowhere with no tracks around, but an aerial photo floats down (having fallen off one of the disappeared trains) which is of the immediate area I'm in, so I consult it as I walk. I'm in a nice narrow flat area, surrounded by impenetrable-looking woods, so I follow the flat area as it seems like a very wide path. The aerial photo helps me a bit to know which way to go, avoiding branches of the path that dead end, but eventually I walk off the edge of what's in the photo and get to a dead end, which is gated off (but a low gate I can see over as well as climb over). Looking at the area beyond the gate, I see it's actually a frozen river I've been walking on (and have a 'duh' moment where I realize that that should have been clear to me from the topography/geology), only up ahead there the ice is breaking up and there's a big exposed spot of water. Clearly I don't want to climb over the gate and continue that way as it's not safe, but now as I look back where I had come from, the ice isn't solid there either but is thin to non-existant in places too. I carefully make my way across to the other side of the river, thinking gosh it's darned cold here in Norway (yes I jumped from the US to Norway somehow) but then what did I expect of Norway? I think I fell in at some point, as when I'm climbing up the far bank I'm wet and bedraggled, but fudged over that part of the dream just as I managed not to die earlier. I make it out okay and there's just a thin tree line between the river and a Norwegian city, so I stumble out and think good, I won't freeze to death. Then I wake up.

That for me was a perfectly normal dream, with lots of scene changes that make no sense at all when one is awake trying to describe it, but happen unquestioned while I'm asleep. And despite the fall from the bridge and the icy Norwegian waters, it was a pleasant happy dream, especially for running into Anne.

So what dreams have you had lately?
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Default Re: Odd dream this morning, with a special guest appearance by Anne McCaffrey!

I had one where I was one a beach, in summer. There was a wall between the beach and the road, like an embankment, with steps up.

There were quite a few people on the beach with me, including Mavryn.

Then this 40-foot long white pointer swam onto the beach and through the sand, then back out to sea, wanting to eat some of us, so I started to help herding people up the stairs and off the beach. I felt brave about this, and I had to wait until Mavryn was safe before I could follow the rest of the people up.

No-one was caught by the sharks. They just kept swimming onto the bech and back.
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Default Re: Odd dream this morning, with a special guest appearance by Anne McCaffrey!

My dreams are never that fun!
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Default Re: Odd dream this morning, with a special guest appearance by Anne McCaffrey!

Cheryl, your dream sounds like an adventure movie that they would make these days. Full of peril, and famous people.

Sounds like you might be thinking about your upcoming trip, maybe the dream is your way of working out some of your exictement.

Lately I did have a lovely dream where I found myself on a tiny plane, where I was flying to meet a friend of mine. Suddenly she was there, putting a lot of things into this tiny plane I was on. Then we were flying off again to meet more friends, who were suddenly there, putting even more things into this tiny plane that we all seemed to manage to fit into. The next thing I knew we had landed on Anne's driveway, where we were all suddenly in Anne's kitchen,trying cooking a huge meal. There seemed to be all manner of vegtable parts flying in the air over my head, and we were all laughing together about something that I don't remember hearing.
Just about the time where we were sitting down at her table to eat, one of my friends grabed my arm to drag me off to see a special treasure that Anne had. When I complained that I was hungry and weren't we going to eat first, I woke up, and I was so very hungry. I couldn't remember what it was we were cooking either, but I remembered it seemed delicious.

I don't usually have that much adventure in my dreams, mine are usually me wondering around strange houses, meeting family and friends, and the occasional stranger. They are usually pleasant dreams, where I am usually trying to draw or paint whomever has shown up in my dream with me.

This dream, I know started out because a friend of mine and I were talking about winning the lottery, and going together to pick up a few friends and go and see Anne...Wish I could manage dreams like this more often...it was really lovely, if a bit confussing, and gone much to quickly.
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Default Re: Odd dream this morning, with a special guest appearance by Anne McCaffrey!

Quite a set of dreams!
I don't really remember my last one, but I think I was fostering a lot of babies or something....and they were all very fat, happy babies.
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Default Re: Odd dream this morning, with a special guest appearance by Anne McCaffrey!

The only Anne dream I have had was right before the induction and I dreamed I ran up and grabbed the award to present it to her and she then invited me for coffe after the ceremony.
Then I find out there wasn't an actual award presented, when I attended the ceremony, but I know that I was excited about going.
I also had a minor Pern dream around the same time, don't remember details, but know it was Pern related, um, the dragons gave it away.
So my excitement over the induction was the trigger, I'd say.
As for recent dreams, I've not paid a whole lot of attention to them to remember them.
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