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Default Videos from ConCarolinas

Well, I finally got my act together, and as you can see below, I've pasted the links to all the videos I've released.

When you look at hte Costume Contest video, you'll find a drop down box with the player, which you can choose which costume you want to see... think like a chapter marker in a DVD...

Let me know what you think.

Oh.. and the full video of the stripping pirate is in the costume contest clip, but since there are 3 pirates... i'm not letting on which one it is :angel:

There are a few more clips, I'll be posting as well, just haven't got round to finishing those up.

The low and medium resolution version will work in Quicktime 6, and the High resolution version will only play in Quicktime 7.

I have also zipped the files to make it easier to download them. To extract the files use a program like winzip.

Mixing Up Your Universe

Mixing Up Your Universe, was about writing in other people's universes, with panelist Michael D'Ambroasia, Nathan Butler, C. J. Henderson.

Low Res 37mb Medium Res 133mb Hi Res 184mb

Star Wars: How Would You Make It Better

Star Wars: How Would You Make It Better was about finding how people would improve it, with panelist Nathan Butler, Michael Pederson

Low Res 40mb Medium Res 128mb Hi Res 192mb

Dr Who

The Dr Who Panel, was about all things Dr. Who, old and new, warning of possible spoilers. Panelists Michael Smith, Davey Beauchamp Fredd Grimm.

Low Res 33mb Medium Res 118mb Hi Res 190mb Audio 12mb

Costume Contest

The Costume Contest, was a fun contest that took place on Saturday evening.

Low Res 37mb Medium Res 97mb Hi Res 145mb

Pulp Adventures: Starring Mr Adventure (Live Radio Show)

A live recording of an episode of the Pulp Adventures of Mr Adventure, with Rich Sigfrit, Davey Beachamp.

Low Res 18mb Medium Res 37mb Hi Res 82mb

Star Wars Fan Audio Video Panel

The Star Wars Fan Audio and Video Panel discussed creating audio and video productions, with MIchael Smith and Cheralyn Lambeth

Low Res 35mb Medium Res 116mb Hi Res 179mb Audio 11mb
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