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Default Prose Poem: "The Last Dragon"

The Last Dragon

We were a mighty race, that we were. Such were the days of our greatness, when we fire-drakes were mighty indeed, and unparalleled. We were the scourge of the elemental flame itself; our breath shivered stone and melted steel in our ire. Our hunger was mighty, and we strived for greatness and glory upon the infant earth.

But we were mightily vain and mightily quarrelsome in our age of power, and those we slew not perished in moments of mighty weakness. There was no vulnerability that man, that verminous insect, did not take advantage of. No belly that he did not slit. No vein that he did not tap. No vanity that he did not flatter, as, handful by handful, he stole like a miser and userer what we had won by might. There was nothing that this toad, this weasel of slime, did not attempt in greed and twisted nature, and he, that pest of pests, stole many of our noblest lives.

And now, I alone, senescent, wait for my doom. With me shall die all dragons, and after me what? Sarcasm and callowness, parody and mockery.
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Default Re: Prose Poem: "The Last Dragon"

I think that is amazing! I love it.
Shadows cannot exist without the light. But without shadows, the light is meaningless.

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Default Re: Prose Poem: "The Last Dragon"

Nice Gyle...I just finished Diversity of dragons and after all the stories of georges, I am glad to hear a dragon rant.
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Default Re: Prose Poem: "The Last Dragon"

Interesting perspective! I think it's nicely done
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Default Re: Prose Poem: "The Last Dragon"


only just got round to reading this properly!

It's amazing!
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Default Re: Prose Poem: "The Last Dragon"

hey hey hey! we ain't that bad! they's eatin our sheep! can't have that...

(spiffy, though)
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