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Book Collector's Meeting Room Whether you're an experienced collector or just starting out, this is the place to discuss Anne's books in all their various bindings, languages, and cover art.

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Default Re: Change in eBay feedback system

I've found myself in that position now Shalyn. A complete novice bid on an item and has not bothered to pay at all. I've sent his invoice and received his email asking for payment details. After 15 days of patiently waiting for payment, it has not been paid and I've had to file a dispute. I DON'T LIKE DOING THIS AT THE BEST OF TIMES but found it necessary to ask ebay for "help" in resolving this issue as I rather try to resolve all issues before doing this to a person. The last one, I did it to, paid very promptly and I sent her a small bonus gift for responding so quickly to it. She was very happy and understanding about the situation, she put me through and I figured, "Well, why not give her something to keep both of us happy!", plus she left positive feedback so I can't complain too much. Wish all disputes ended well for both sides, like in this instance. Regards to the other one, well I'm having a whinge for today, built my bridge and got over it so far, whilst patiently waiting for him to come to the party.
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Default Re: Change in eBay feedback system

Originally Posted by Hans View Post
I had a similar experience though very different at the same time. I bought a book in the UK I wanted to have sent to a friend in Scotland, so I used his address as the one the UK book needed to be sent to. Then I bought a book in Germany, firdst asking the seller if he would post to The Netherlands (wasn't stated). he did, I said thank you, placed the bid, won the item and paid using PayPal. I receved nothing and after two weeks (Germany is "next door") asked whether he had already sent the titme. Yes, he replied, to the address you provided in Scotland...

He never even inquired if he should send it to somebody with another name in another country but in the end the mistake was mine of course because I had forgot to change the address back

To make things worse I also bought an item in the UK on the same day which was also sent to Scotland. This seller also didn't notice that I was in The Netherlands and that he sent the package off to Scotland, but again... if I had changed the address back...

Needless to say that they got positive feedback and that I will reimburse my friend in Scotland the cost of sending the books to me, for which I'll thus end up paying double postage Definitely and shameful moment in my eBay history
Well, it really is only good courtesy to give a seller the proper address. Maybe the power sellers have databases where they can keep things straight, but those of us who sell as a hobby/supplemental income don't always have the resources to remember what state, let alone what country people are from.

As a seller I rely on the address eBay/Paypal provides. Chances are, I'm not going to remember that JohnDoe123@hotmail.com is really from Germany, not England. Also, who's to say that they didn't move? Many a time the profile shows me a zip code where someone lives, but the ship-to zip is different. People forget to change profiles. Or, people change the ship to address to send to a friend or family member and don't tell the seller.

So, just because your profile says you're from The Netherlands doesn't mean that the seller should immediately ask you if your shipping information is correct. Especially if they use the Selling Manager that eBay provides. With that system, I just click on "ship item", and don't even see the buyer's profile. It's much quicker that way.

Now, I may be the only person who uses that system, but I doubt it.

I know you have said "lesson learned", and maybe it's just the way I read your post, but I read an undercurrent of "why didn't the buyer ask me if that was the right address?"
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Default Re: Change in eBay feedback system

Give the proper address is good courtesy? Gee, never would have thought it

I wasn't complaining Shalyn, just owning up to my own mess up

Having said that I still find it rather stupid not to react if somebody asks you for postage to The Netherands and then seems to want you to send the book to Scotland Stil, my own stupid fault, so no complaints from me...
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