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Default Re: My collection.....or a small part of it

Uhm, you need not be that extensive, Dyna. The collectors here know who did the covers etc. A simple title, year/edition/state (hc, mmp etc.) and mentioning from which country (US, UK, other) would be enough and would save you a lot of work.

When I said mentioning prices I meant prices of items you bought on eBay or in second hand books. That's how we can learn averages or what is cheap for the rarer stuff and what not. See for instance the archive of Collecting Highlights in which I covered for instance A Diversity of Dragons not so long ago with (from the top of my head) prices lower than the one you quote. This way we can establish price ranges and get to know what is fair for a book in a certain condition.

Though your effort is very much appreciated, don't get me wrong.
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