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Red face Re: Trying to reset password

Originally Posted by Cheryl View Post
Since you've done a system reset of your password, you need to enter that as your current password, then type what you want your new one to be where indicated. It has you enter the new one twice to make sure they match, so that you don't have a typo in your new one
without realizing it.
Thanks Cheryl I well try it between the screen reading say ****** and I am trying to remember what I typed next it was driving me batty. "Snorting" I had to stop for I was about ready to lose my temper. I didn't just trying to understand what in the world is going on. How long well that tempary passworld hold? Some site you have a limited time to change it.
I hope I didn't hurt anyone feeling with the heat of my frustraction if I did I am sorry

I felt like a dragon with a bellyfull of firestone ready to about flame.
Thanks for all the help, how was the chat?

I wanted to join in that where the problems started like a chain reaction.
I have storied the tempary in a safe spot, I well try and change it when my mind is not so right now.
Good Night and Thanks All for the help.
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