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Default Re: Eurocon 2007 book in Danish - jubiiiii

Originally Posted by Lady Maelin View Post
So do I understand correctly that *Mangy Tack* is *thank you* in Danish??? I can't look it up anymore, as I lost my small pock phrase book *Say it in Danish* somewhere on the flight home...sigh!!!

"Mangy tack" is the sound version of "Mange tak" which acutally means "thank you very much". "Tak" means "thank you".

Eurocon 2007 was very exciting for me. A whole new world opening. I do wish though that I had known everyone here beforehand, other Danes as well and some more of the authors present. I felt such a novice with lots of opportunities missed due to lack of knowledge.

My son learned much as well. He attended the science lectures, and he has got very good grading since as he has used the knowledge gained any way he can, *says the proud mother*

The Rowan is my favourite!

"The name rowan is believed to derive from the Norse runa - "a charm". It was often planted outside houses to ward off witches. On May Day a spray of rowan leaves was hung over doors to repel evil, and wells dressed with rowan to keep witches away. The rowan, or mountain ash, is found commonly in Scotland, sometimes clinging to a rock face."
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