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Re: Eurocon 2007 book in Danish - jubiiiii

Maelin, I cannot begin to count the number of times having been made fun of or frowned at when I tried out a few words in a new language. The last one was very recently when I tried a few signs in sign language, but I learn, and today I talked to the same lady again making a fool of myself but still I learned a little more. She ended up by saying "keep trying"

If I had waited until I could speak well enough I would never have learned any other language than Danish. I know by reactions and comments that I have a very funny accent when speaking French.

I wish you had tried your Danish on me

The Rowan is my favourite!

"The name rowan is believed to derive from the Norse runa - "a charm". It was often planted outside houses to ward off witches. On May Day a spray of rowan leaves was hung over doors to repel evil, and wells dressed with rowan to keep witches away. The rowan, or mountain ash, is found commonly in Scotland, sometimes clinging to a rock face."
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