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Default Re: Anne's Letter Opener

I had to all but put my hands behind my back because I was shaking, hoping she liked it...^^;

Although she had mentioned about it being a shame that manual labour in terms of crafts and whatnot was on the rapid decline. (In a reply to a question regarding to the crafthalls on Pern during the GoH interview).

I'm at Uni now, but I will be doing my best to draw up some plans for some more projects I hope to do over the Christmas Break. At the moment, I'm having to teach myself to draw what I see in my head, and I've already got one or two rough sketches sorted out.

@ Lady M - I will be doing bookmarks on your suggestion. I've asked my grandparents for a course in Carving at Christmas. They know one or two carvers who ask about me on a regular basis, so that shouldn't be too hard to do...^^
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