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Default Re: Golds prefer holder girls?

Originally Posted by Eriflor View Post
Riders bring young women to the Weyr if they find them while on Search (along with a few they fancy for themselves). In recent Passes at least, the holders don't have to let their daughters go to the Weyr if there isn't a gold egg on the sands --- they'd lose their land allotment.

There's a mention that a Lord Holder (Raid?) objected to his chattels bearing dragon-seed, but that might just mean that the child would be either fostered at the Weyr or taken on Search later on, instead of working on the Lord's Hold. Taking the mother to the Weyr would be an economic burden.
Yes, they bring girls to the Weyr, but we haven't seen girls being Searched to be green riders yet. That'd be intriguing.
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