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Default Re: 62 : 21 March 2011 - Modern Architecture

I'm going to disagree with Lady Maelin. I think the "Rotterdam College of Shipping and Transport" (Do we really need a college for shipping and transport?) is one of the most fantastic buildings I've seen in a long time. Maybe it's not particularly aesthetically pleasing but it has such an interesting shape. I love the trapezoidal arches at the bottom and the overhang is too awesome. Whoever would have thought to do such a thing and then be able to make it structurally work. The whole thing looks to me like the number 1.
On the other hand, the old Holland America Building does nothing for me, although I do like the clock towers. The awnings are distracting and the "castle" look is ruined by the three triangular parts at the top and the bold use of their name sprawled across the top.
I love the "Swan" bridge. It's another total "flight of fancy"
It's great to have everyone articulate reasons for liking and disliking the Girl Scout building. My mind hadn't gotten far enough to decide what it was that disturbed me about it.
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