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Default Re: Pernese versus Terran terms

From the Macquarie dictionary:

1. a child's bed with enclosed sides.
2. a light, usually portable, bed, especially one of canvas stretched on a frame.
3. Nautical a swinging bed made of canvas for officers, sick persons, etc.


4. hit the cot, Colloquial to go to bed.

[Anglo-Indian, from Hindustani khāt]


1. a small house; cottage; hut.
2. a small place of shelter or protection.

[Middle English and Old English; origin unknown]


cot case
/ˈkɒt keɪs/ (Say 'kot kays)

noun Colloquial (humorous)

1. someone who is exhausted, drunk, or in some way incapacitated, and fit only for bed.


cot death
/ˈkɒt dɛθ/ (Say 'kot deth)


1. the sudden and apparently inexplicable death of a child while sleeping.

See sudden infant death syndrome.
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