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Default Re: Song in the Silence released as ebook

Thanks, Hans. I just got some more information from a friend who is into selling ebooks now as a publisher (and writer). You said you thought the price of ISBNs I mentioned was a ripoff. It is and Charlotte is talking about why.I am posting this here for Elizabeth's information too since this seems to be a topic we are all interested in.
from Charlotte Holley of GypsyMoon Press:
"I know. They want a separate ISBN for every different format . . . that means if it's for Kindle, it has to have one, if it's ePub, it has to have another' PDFs have to have still another. Paperback is another one . . . and on and on. The saving grace so far is that they haven't decided to enforce the ISBNs for each different digital format. Of course, you only need a barcode for the print books, and our POD printer gives us the barcode as part of the set-up, even though Bowker wants you to buy them from the barcodes from them, too. Bowker is the villain as far as I'm concerned . . . they are the ones who have the monopoly and insist on each different format having a unique ISBN. They could offer a package deal and charge only $1 for each digital format, but they want to sell them for the same price as they do the other ISBNs and the only way you get a price break is to order oodles of ISBNs, while in other countries, the ISBNs are FREE!!! Oops, another of my many pet peeves!"
Charlotte also tells me that it looks like there's a movement toward standardizing the format so the same one can be published for most e-readers. It's called e-Pub and works on Apple and Sony. I am definitely interested in publishing to Kindle and Fictionwise but will have to see how it goes. Early days yet!
Elizabeth, pardon my intrusion into your forum but I think all us writers are going to have to start doing this bit ourselves too if we're going to keep our work available to people and still make a pittance from it now and then.
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