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Default Re: Writing Discussion: Super-powered characters

Originally Posted by Brenda View Post
I think another important handicap can be a person's attitude or personality - if they're so obnoxious no one will help them or tell them how their powers work, or they don't trust anyone. And there's mental issues, like paranoia, vertigo (didn't someone use that in a movie?) - I'm thinking of Siglen's issues with travel/heights, as transferred to Rowan, David, and Capella.

I completely agree here. This sort of thing exists and is a rather large factor in real life; why shouldn't we bring it into fiction? Take a challenge, any challenge. . . uhm. . . an untied shoe. (Really! That's apparently a problem to some.) One person would step on their shoelace, notice it's loose, tie it up and move on- all within the space of about 5 minutes. Another may fall spectacularly when they step on their untied shoelace, sit on the ground and cry And complain about how much it hurts, and then shake their fist at the sky and blame it all on that evil force, gravity.

"It's not about what happens to you, it's what you do about it." was said by someone, and they were right!

So. . . the plague. Sh'gall was just a dissapointment, as close to useless as one can get. Moreta worked around him, and Leri advised her to get rid of him! I bet if F'lar had been alive during that time he would have handled the whole plague issue much differently.

I personally am a big fan of giving my character's challenges and then not making them go away-whish!- to watch them work through whatever just happened. The very human (but certainly not just limited to humans!) ability to adaPt and overcome is fascinating to me. Just about everyblody has it inside them, just in some folks it's furthur down thAN others.That's the super-power.
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