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Default Re: What is happening

Wiring problems are never fun, especially in the US where you've got three phase power into every home. Here at least you've just got 240V everywhere in the house so only three wires to keep tabs of generally. We actually do have 440V three phase into this house - but it doesn't go any further than the distribution board - it might in a few years when we get the photovoltaic glazing installed.

Today I mostly tried to move my server into a different room (where there's a convenient cupboard for it to live in) but that turned out to be a non-starter as even our improved wireless coverage doesn't give a reliable connection in there to the level I need. It spends 90% of its time connected at 135Mb/Sec, but randomly drops down to 1...Fine for serving basic web pages, but not so much when streaming video - and given that our entire video collection is on there...Not ideal. So the whole lot got bundled back up and returned to its previous home in the master bedroom.

I then spent a significant portion of the evening doing battle with the Google Webmaster Tools Search Console which has been pinging me an endless stream of emails for the last couple of weeks complaining about what it sees as problems with my site. Firstly was a missing robots.txt which was easily enough fixed. Secondly was it reporting that there was a style sheet missing, which had me slightly baffled as I've never even considered playing around with CSS. Somehow though after a rummage through the source of my homepage I found a reference to one. Goodness only knows how it got there but deleting that line got rid of that error.

The only one left is it complaining that my site isn't optimised for mobile devices - but that's not likely to change in the near future as dealing with it is currently well beyond my very basic knowledge level. I'm just about at the putting together a page that says "hello world" on my own!
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