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Default Re: Pern -- the grand plan?

Originally Posted by Anareth View Post
That really doesn't explain, for example, bringing big cats. In fact if you're setting up an agrarian colony, only a total moron would bring a means of creating large predators whose main goal in life is to eat your livestock.
They didn't bring large cats. Ted Tubberman re-engineered domestic cat genetics to make a larger cat. The original suggestion was he bread them to protect his livestock from pern based predators such as the larger snakes. It was later suggested in one of Todd's books that he might have had another reason (but it wasn't really clarified)

Originally Posted by Anareth View Post
Smart animals to bring: Horses and donkeys [..] hardier breeds of mixed-purpose cattle (ie good for both meat and dairy), goats (adapt almost anywhere, good for dairy and meat), sheep (milk, fiber, and meat), pigs
Some of the supplemental books such as the Dragon Lover's Guide to Pern and some of the other almanac type books touch on many of these. Horses and donkeys are essentially the runner beasts and work beasts. Cattle and sheep are the herd beasts. Goats are also mentioned in some context and there was some mention on pigs, but I'm not recalling it now.
But I wouldn't classify pigs in the 'smart' list. Feral pigs are quite nasty and vicious!
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