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Default Re: Pern -- the grand plan?

If dolphins are sentient, elephants should be too. Maybe they didn't make it to the 24th Century, though.

There's a real life group on Earth, the "rewilderers" who believe we should import tigers and cheetahs and elephants to the North American plains to preserve them for future generations and restore the NA ecosystem to a pre-human status. I could see that being a justification for bringing big cats to Pern.

I actually don't think there was a grand plan. From the scant description we get in DD, it sounds like the Pern colony was literally a line-item pork barrel project that got through the FSP budget process because Benden and Boll were great war heroes and knew a Senator (Garben) who had some swing. That someone in the FSP decided to engage in a little forced relocation/ethnic cleansing in a project that probably no one on FSP's Earth knew was happening seems like evidence to that fact.

I do believe that one of Todd's books suggests that the Ping family was sent because the Eridani had unfinished business with the unknown aliens who created Thread. That's always seemed one of the more plausible solutions to the many questions about how a lifeform like Thread even evolved. However, that same book makes it clear that Benden, Boll and etc had no idea what they were walking into when they took up Pern.
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