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Default Re: Pern -- the grand plan?

That really doesn't explain, for example, bringing big cats. In fact if you're setting up an agrarian colony, only a total moron would bring a means of creating large predators whose main goal in life is to eat your livestock.

Smart animals to bring: Horses and donkeys (good for working plus the ability to create mules, which are better than either for packing and hauling), hardier breeds of mixed-purpose cattle (ie good for both meat and dairy), goats (adapt almost anywhere, good for dairy and meat), sheep (milk, fiber, and meat), pigs (thrive ANYWHERE, including small acreage, and most varieties produce an excellent amount of meat off the carcass), fast-maturing mixed-purpose poultry (meat and eggs), working dog breeds (herding, guarding of both people/property and herd animals, pest-control, and can always be selectively bred to produce other types.) Camels might be good in certain regions. Bivalve shellfish, especially ones like mussels that can be farmed. Salmon, tuna, other large and/or prolific food fish plus species for them to eat.

STUPID animals to bring: Rodents except possibly guinea pigs (good cheap protein, small and easy to raise), reptiles (not efficient for meat, better sources of leather available), even domestic cats are a bit dubious (very long history of turning into overeffective predators and wiping out native wildlife), large predators of any kind, American bison (extremely dangerous to handle and requiring a big range), megafauna like elephants, primates (not useful for much except lab animals and disease vectors), non-domesticated ungulates. Rabbits, possums, raccoons...
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