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Default Pern -- the grand plan?

Not much happening on this site lately, so I'm throwing out an idea for discussion.

What was the overall intention in starting the PERN colony? The PERN survey spent probably years searching for planets suitable for colonisation by humans, with many lives lost in the process. With a bare minimum of crew left, they found this attractive planet with not a lot of native life-forms, then had to let it sit for a hundred years or so because of the Nathi wars.

In the end it was colonized by private enterprise, not the Earth government, with a balanced group of shareholders, scientists, technical experts, and family members, totalling around 6000 people.

It was situated well away from the other Earth colonies and trade routes, so it couldn't expect help or regular contact, and wasn't revisited for several decades. Were these back-to-the-land types considered undesirable?

It included a selection of nomadic tribes who didn't much want to go (ethnic cleansing?)

Besides the regular farm livestock, ova of large carnivores were included: why? in case they became extinct on Earth? Or did somebody like big-game hunting?

What other unlikely animals might they have brought in case they proved useful (and had to leave them behind when the volcano went off)?

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