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Default Re: Exploring the Subtextual - Robinton/Menolly in the DRoP series

Originally Posted by D. M. Domini View Post
So. That's the subtext I spotted in Dragondrums.

Next up? The White Dragon. I think that's the one where the Robinton/Menolly subtext gets louder, because Robinton gets jealous Jaxom is flying off to Southern where he will be alone with Menolly.
Not to mention that when Menolly was on the ship with Robinton as he was being transported to Cove Hold, he actually thinks to himself that if he was younger.... And they share a brief kiss, IIRC.

And part of the reason why Sebell might have been deferring to Robinton, might have been because they were both his apprentice. And starting a relationship with someone that you're going to have to see everyday is a little risky if things go sour.

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