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Default Re: What is happening

Today we made our first trip over to the foster home currently caring for a rescue dog we're looking to adopt. We really feel that this will do a lot to enrich the life of the one we already have, especially given the issues we've had with the communal dog club meaning that he doesn't get to socialise any where near as much as we'd like. 

It's quite a long drawn out process (rightly so I think), especially for a dog who is as timid as the one we've currently got our heart set on, but today was the first time we got to meet her. Despite apparently usually being petrified of new people for ages, she was happily seeking affection and wanting to play with us in about twenty minutes. 

Our hearts were immediately melted as she's absolutely adorable.

More importantly than her taking to us, she seemed to get along well with Tesla, and wasn't afraid to tell him off when he was being a butt. He doesn't really know how to play with other dogs as he's just never really had the we're hoping she can help there. She's also very, very affectionate, whereas he really isn't interested in fuss. He wants to be *near* to people, but has little interest in actually touching them...whereas if you stand still for five seconds around her she starts nosing at your hand for pets. So the two hopefully can teach each other different aspects of how to be a dog.

While she looks far more pure husky, she's actually a husky/German Shepherd cross just the same as Tesla.

How could anyone not love this face?

Likely to be several months before she joins us (obviously assuming future visits and everything go well too), but it felt like the initial introduction to both us and of the two dogs to each other went about as well as it could. It seems that she's a really good fit for what we're looking for in this household. I think the rescue charity have been struggling to find a home for her (she's been with them for nearly a year now) purely because she's not a pure husky and they deal primarily with rescued sled dogs, so pure huskies & malamutes are easier for them to find homes for.

Hasn't left me much day to play with cars though...but I did have a dig through the box of random "air tool stuff" I picked up a few weeks back. Found three things which may well each be useful for different stages of the paint stripping process.

Not honestly sure how to tell if the gun is a spray gun or soda/sand blaster. Answers on a post card?

Edit: this has now been identified as a paraffin spray gun, so no use for this...but will be really useful for painting our fences which need doing every few years.
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