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Default Re: What is happening

We were out in the storm Friday, all the way from Licking to Jonesburg (both Missouri) and back again. First problem was that I chose to believe the National Weather Service forecast for both locations(for once). It said that snow wouldn't begin until mid-afternoon. Hit the first snow before noon. Then the car decided to malfunction, well over halfway there. Got to Jonesburg, got what we came for, and got back on the road with the bum car, all in less than 30 minutes. Before we got home, I was passing cars, trucks, and snowplows. They were driving too slow to suit me on I-44. But I wasn't THAT bad, because I got passed by others more than twice. Just that most people are a bunch of dumb, no-driving losers. I had just gotten caught in a REAL blizzard in Nebraska on I-50, less than 2 weeks before. That one closed the hiway in less than 2 hours after starting, so we spent all of one afternoon and night in a motel in Lincoln before getting back on the road the next morning. Did see one guy bite the median when he tried to slow and change direction to pull back into the line of traffic when he spotted the Sherriff in front of him. Dummy.

But if I can drive that weather down and make it from Jonesburg to Rock Springs Wyoming then from there to Conway Springs Kansas and then home, all while sick, I have the right and the skills to drive as I was Friday.
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