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Default Re: 50 : 4 October 2010 - Flowers

So many to chose from.... indeed *nods*

Two of my favourites:

Callistemon citrinus (lampenpoetser in Dutch, bottlebrush in English, Zylinderputzer in German), in my father-in-law's garden. The plant is originally Australian but performing well in Holland even if it doesn't reach the heights it does in its natural habitat.

A delicate, lonely geranium flower t the end of its life. It touches my soul...
Shot in my wifes garden, near the pond.

Sorry if these are a little big but they are so much more beautiful when shown in a decent size

Thanks for the link, Blondmom. I recognise several scenes as I also photographed them, a few days before you did! I was sorry to have missed you. It would have been wonderful to be able to meet you. But I got to understand I might be able to welcome you on my home turf in the future!
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