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Default Re: 40: 10 May 2010 - favourite places

Farm "De Steege", just over 200 years old, has been a haven for our little family since Niels was very young. He was always allowed to help the farmer and that's why we chose this place. We have been there so often for holidays both long and short that the owners have become friends. It is situated in the Twente region (near the German border, in the east of the Netherlands) and it is a nice, tranquil area, ideal to "unhaste" and recuperate from a hectic life!

I visited Turkey for the first time last year but immediately fell in love with the country, its people, the sights, the food, everything! I know I will absolutely return there. We traveled around this big country and I couldn't chose north, south, east or west, it's all bloody marvelous. The picture is from Turkey's "grand canyon" area in Cappadocia (imagine old, not matching tables and rickety seats along the rim of the Grand Canyon)

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