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Default Re: Forked tongues on firelizards?

If she could alter one thing about Duke it would be to give him speech. [...] But someone had said that FORKED TONGUES could not manage speech.
As far as I'm concerned, dragons don't need speech , but in case of a dragonet it could be useful. Anyway, if - as DD indicates - a dragonet (and therewith a dragon) had a forked tongue, what's the problem with it? I can't imagine whatever the problem could be, though I've read about 9 of the books by now.

For as far as my knowlegde of snakes (i.e. forked tongues) is, it doesn't hamper the way it eats nor does it have any other way it could affect it's way of living.

By the way, is there a thread about the facetted eyes? I kinda like this 'scientific' discussions.
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