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Default Re: Forked tongues on firelizards?

Originally Posted by Ryuu View Post
A lot more is canon in the DLG than not. Rather than everyone blanketly exclaiming that nothing in the DLG is canon, we should be picking it apart to separate what is and is not.
I don't know when anyone has ever stated that there's nothing accurate in it. Mainly it's people advising against using parts of it in debates when the information is not present in the books. There are so many errors in it that while a lot of it can be verified, there's no way to tell what is or isn't true with the parts that are not mentioned in the books.

So personally, I prefer to steer clear of it entirely for use in arguments, because I can just use the books instead, which are more or less concrete.

But for the most part, DD indicated Ping left their overall design unchanged, which implies that the original natives also had forked tongues, as well as having facetted eyes, hard protruding eye ridges, horn-like nubs for their ears, neck and back ridges, soft suade-like hides, and forked tails.
Nope, they didn't have back ridges. Neck and tail ridges, but none on the back
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