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Default Re: Forked tongues on firelizards?

Originally Posted by Weyrbrat View Post
Are we considering DLG as canon, as im not sure. In first fall they call the wherries "bargelike creatures". But couldn't the firelizards originally just be unwinged lizards?
A lot more is canon in the DLG than not. Rather than everyone blanketly exclaiming that nothing in the DLG is canon, we should be picking it apart to separate what is and is not.

The fire-lizards are the direct ancestors to Pern's dragons--the primary changes Kity Ping did on them was to increase their size and adjusted their memory/inteligence ratio. There were also some minor changes she did to their hands to aid them with their larger bodies' take-off & landing, as well as the imposed her restrictions on golds for chewing fire stone.

But for the most part, DD indicated Ping left their overall design unchanged, which implies that the original natives also had forked tongues, as well as having facetted eyes, hard protruding eye ridges, horn-like nubs for their ears, neck and back ridges, soft suade-like hides, and forked tails.

Most native fauna on Pern should have six limbs, but how those limbs are developed and used depends upon their evolutionary niche. Wherries, tunnel-snakes, and fire-lizards all have common ancestors somewhere in the evolutionary path, but I wouldn't read too much into how close they're related...much like on Earth: birds, snakes, and humans all have a comon ancestor--but you might not be able to tell just from looking
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