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Originally Posted by Anareth View Post
Censor opinion? No. And as long as they're not actively inciting violence (ie "If you wish to participate in a jihad suicide bombing, meet here on X date", "Lynching party tomorrow at the park!") I don't even think so-called "hate speech" should be censored. If people want to advertise they're a jackwagon on the internet, let 'em.

Take down stolen files (biggest cojones have to be to 'sharedtermpapers' who graciously allow authors to 'opt out' of having their ebooks shared--um, I am not 'opting out', I'm reminding you if you post someone's book to file-share it's THEFT and hell YES I will report you for allowing it), charge people for theft of intellectual property, prohibit transmission of privileged/classified documents? Absolutely.
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