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Snowflake My father's work, from my FL Trip.
(Image Description A set of blinds panted by hand, showing a Winter blue sky, with snow cover trees, in the background. In the foreground there is from left to right A red barn with a brown door, with a snow covered roof, next to it is a red paint house, with a green wreath, two lit windows between a brown door, with a thin rail, porch in white wrapped around the side, panted brow to give contrast , with two snow cover steps, in front of a snow covered pine in from. A sled red with a brown side and top set in front of the tree. All is outline in dark color. Image description by Virginia Korleski Art work and image taken by Art Korleski. Feb. 2014

This blinds would be one of those things that I want to have, I said I would share some images, well here you go, it took dad most of the winter to create this. How he created it I shall have ask he to re-tell me how it did it. My own memory has blanks.
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