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Default Photoshop work

Photoshop work of all kinds. I do this when I want to "do something else", have some relaxation when I am "under stress" and want to set my mind on something else. Here are a few examples:

When scanning photos of previous holidays I came upon a photo of a kouros (greek statue of a nude young male) I shot in Athens about... uh... 27 years ago (gosh). It became the basis of a photoshop made collage:

The collage has nine layers and is built around the central Greek Kouros figure, which is my own work and shot during a Greek holiday in 1981 (ouch, how time flies when you're having fun). The edge is a PS action download from Adobe Exchange, all the other elements come from the internet including the background, the pretty nude model and the greek flag.

The next "quicky" project was for a "selective colour contest" on Flickr. Maybe Lady Maelin will recognise it as this photo was made at the Sea Lion show at Seaworld in San Diego:

The next project is called "Snowstorm in a Lightbulb", making use of a wonderful photoshop action from Panos Efstathiadis. The base is a photo from Seaworld again, this time of penguins in their fantastic polar/penguin exhib.

This is the original picture:

and the last one will probably be recognised by our webmistress Cheryl

It is a photoshop project of some thirteen layers and much other work, with a mansion I photographed at Cylburn Arboretum in Baltimore as the base.

This is the original pic:

OK, bored you enough for today. Resume your duties please
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