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Default Re: 62 : 21 March 2011 - Modern Architecture

Blonde Mom...I don't really care for the Girl Scout building would have more character IMO, if it was in a more natural brick color, red, tan or any other color of brick. The shape is OK, but it just looks so bland with all that white paint.

Hans... Very nice photos as usual....but I also don't care much for your Shipping and Transport building...the shape just looks to odd to be pleasing...but I do like the color, and being able to have a splended view of the harbor would be nice for those working in or visiting in it.
As for the Holland Line Hotel...I LOVE IT...that is a charming building...but what is that modern entrance to it, that does spoil the front quite a bit...but the lovely out of doors eating area is wonderful...I'd love to have a bite of lunch the food good???
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