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Default Re: 62 : 21 March 2011 - Modern Architecture

Here's the Rotterdam College of Shipping and Transport. I recently had a conference on the 13th floor, the protruding part of the building is actually an auditorium (the side you can't see is a glass wall!) and the view of Rotterdam's harbours and river from the lounge on that floor is FABULOUS!

And another shot from my 'hometown' of Rotterdam: the Suthern Head on the Maas river with 'the Swan' or officially the Erasmusbridge on the left. On the right the KPN building (Dutch teleom company), the red building in the background is the new Court of Justice with a theater (Luxor) in front of it. The other three new highrises (no buildings here older than 5 years or so) are apartment buildings.

On the extreme right is the 'Wilhelmina pier', the place where the emigrant ships left for the US in the 19th and 20th centuries, now with more modern architecture but thy preserved the old emigrants hotel (Hotel New York). I'm sorry, I feel I have to show you that, too...

So, a bit off topic, but here's the old and stately Hotel New York, where so many Russians, Poles, germans, Czechs, Dutch, Hungarians, Ukrainians etc. etc. left for the new world, flanked by the World Port Centre (home of the port authority) on the left and the Montevideo office and apartment building (just finished) on the right and yet another (unneede apartmetn highrise going up in the background). The terrace in front belogs to the hotel which actually is still a hotel (again, after years of dereliction of the whole area). Even if you don't speak, read or wrote Dutch you'll probably notice that the big name on the hotel is that of the 'Holland America Line'

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