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Default Re: What is the tithe rate?

Originally Posted by skywaterblue View Post
Pern has to have a fairly large population in order to support industrialization absent technology. Pern has to have a fairly advanced level of industrialization to support the tithing system, to keep the dragons alive, to keep people alive.

Who builds the roads? Who farms? Who collects tithe? Who mines?
Tithing long pre-dates industrialisation. It is simply an agreed percentage, not always 1/10th, of whatever crops or produce you have. So tithes would be paid mainly in goods, given the medieval style of the Pern worldbuilding. If you were a herder, heardbeasts, if you were a weaver, a bolt of cloth and so on.

Who builds the roads? I asked this ages ago on the New Kitchen Table in a thread called "infrastructure." Using the same medieval archetype, the local Lord Holder would be responsible for the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, and probably thread-shelters for the Lilcamp trader waggons. I don't know about runner traces, but probably them as well.

Cot-holders farm. Given the control that the local Lord Holders have over them, I suspect they are tenant farmers, not owners of the land.

Minecrafthall oversees the mining, a highly skilled and dangerous operation in pre-industrial times. It would be interesting to know whether they pay rent or a tithe to the local landowner.

Who collects the tithes is an interesting one - they are only mentioned in passing when a tithe-train arrives or doesn't arrive at a weyr, which only describes the end of the process, not the beginning. The person who does the management part of the Lord Holder's domains appears to be called "Warder" and I would imagine that collecting and delivering tithes would be in his field of work.
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