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Default Re: (Potential Adult Topic) Dragons Sexual Selection

Originally Posted by Nako View Post
Ohmigawd, what did you guys do to my topic? lol!

LOL, unfortunatly where sexuality is concerned people have strong views on. Sadly it's still an issue.

I kind of agree with your take on things regardling the weyrs, that most men are probubly bisexual. But then, a lot of they way we deal with sex comes down to education - and I suspect the weyrs see to it that candidtes get a good education in that area. Who knows, the Holds/Crafts may deal with the subject pretty well too.

Clearly (and looking at the books), there are some very hetro males, and some very homo males. There are also some very bi males as well. So sexual preference is still there, but not it seems an issue.

As to why Blue and Green dragons prefer men with more of a gay preference... I dunno if I agree with the Hive Mind idea. It has merit, but it doesn't sit right (IMOO). Dragons find something sympathetic in the candidates that they can link to, and join with.

I think the truth is, that this is Anne's world, and what she says goes, As to how it works, and why...
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