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Default Re: (Potential Adult Topic) Dragons Sexual Selection

Originally Posted by Kath View Post
You weren't alive in the sixties, were you? Actually, I wouldn't even go back as far as that - you can easily find that type of behaviour right here and now, if it floats your boat.
I was. I've been to college, too. Frats, dorms, apartments, rented houses, the occasional couple coupling on the quad rather startled as your entire squad hurdles them on a pre-dawn run... Also been around the world in the fleet. Am conversant with interesting uses for baskets and a game called "smile" and exactly why the troops love liberty in Pattaya and Baguio. Like whips? Try Baltimore. Any other assumptions you'd like to make?

If you'll read again, I did not say such activities could not be found. I said there is no place that they are legally and socially approved of on a large scale. Available, ignored, profited from, etc..., yes. Approved of? No.

Even San Francisco and Key West have their limits. I haven't seen a place yet that really approves of much of anything in front of the kiddies. Thankfully.
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