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Default Re: What is the tithe rate?

No amount of hygene or good health of the mother would've stopped my daughter from dying of blood loss during a transverse delivery. (head and shoulder first.) All three of the mothers I mentioned would've simply died of loss of blood after a difficult delivery.

As for childbed fever, milk fever and many other complications that we seldom hear of with modern medicine available, that may be up to the training and experience of the midwife. They aren't specifically mentioned in Anne's books, but when I had one in my fanfiction I gave her a year's training in Healer Hall.

Contraception is mentioned in Anne's books. It wouldn't be commented on now, but at one stage Lessa was described as having assisted at an abortion, and somewhere else "herbs" are mentioned for contraceptives. Both ideas would have been radical and extremely controversial at the time Anne wrote the books.

I still think the birth rate would be very much higher than in our world, but the infant and maternal mortality rates would also be higher than in those modern countries that have a universally available public health system.
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